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Teaching people to dance for the past 20 years lead me to becoming a professional Life Coach. 
When a person finds the right dancing mentor, their life flourishes in so many more ways than just the ability to dance. I now Coach individuals, pairs and groups through talking and/or dancing.


Regular results being *improved*:

  • Positivity

  • Mental & physical health

  • Confidence

  • Relaxation
  • Sexuality

  • Meaning and Purpose

  • Joy

  • Feel Good Factor

  • Body image

  • Strengthened Decision Making

  • Ability to take charge of their life

I would love to help you live your best life through Coaching and/or Dancing.​

“All types of mirrors need to be wiped down so they continue to fulfil their purpose.” (Bassot). 


It’s clear to see why Mirrors are so necessary in helping us see the whole view;

In the morning we look in the bathroom mirror. We decide to leave things as they are or take some action. 


We use a rear view mirror when driving to see what’s behind us and decide whether it’s safe to move on.


Wing mirrors are convex, helping us to see what is in a blind spot. 


Magnifying mirrors are indispensable in situations where we need to look at ourselves closely. 


With coaching, over time, you will develop your ability to look at yourself in a ‘metaphorical mirror’. This will make you more self-aware, and increase your emotional intelligence, as you examine your attitudes, beliefs and actions. 

We need to look into ourselves to make sure that our perspective isn’t clouded in some way.

I am a Professionally Qualified Transformational Life Coach. 


I help women & men find their Unique Spark through self-belief, and to excel in areas of their lives they dream of.  

I have transformed my own life and I can help others to transform theirs through Online 1-2-1 Coaching. 

I want to help you unlock your potential to build the life you want through 1-2-1 online coaching, boosting self-belief, positivity and more.

One of my dance coaches used to say that you can win a competition before you even dance it... I know this to be true!  It’s not just about will - believing you deserve to win, so will win. That’s Ego.  It’s about the quiet that nobody sees. The hours, weeks, months, years of determination, focus, energy. 

“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.” (Gates)

Lengthen your Goals, prepare. Prepare. Prepare. 

“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” (Benjamin Franklin)

Tell me what you want, what you really, really want.  And get realistic about that timeframe.  Then get laser focused on your preparation.  And don’t quit. 
It’s there for you. What’s holding you back?

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